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This ensures Microsoft cloud users meet organizational requirements.

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You can protect Entities (VMs, VGs, Files), using the following workflow:This also allows for a "default policy" that can apply to all VMs.

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This default can be changed, for example if you always want to save as Microsoft Office files.

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Office 2019 is the ‘perpetual licence', single payment, fixed feature version of Microsoft Office.

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You're also know that many applications are designed to work with Office.

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    Even if you use only a local account to sign in to Windows 10, it is important to create a Microsoft account, if you do not have one already.

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    The authorities announced several measures to cut the import bill by at least USD 10 bn (6 percent of GDP).

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    Change the Immutable ID in Office 365.

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    Support for iCloud as a cloud saving option doesn't appear to be built in at this stage; but there's nothing stopping you saving to iCloud Drive as if you were saving to any other folder on your Mac.

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    Co-authoring with AutoSave might require a change in the workflow as you can't close a workbook without saving anymore.

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    After you cancel, you can use Office in View Only mode or uninstall Office.

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The free Windows 7 Extended Security Update aspect is interesting, too.