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For the many users still working with the 32-bit version of Excel, if your spreadsheets are less than 2GB and you're still receiving memory error messages, try closing all other programs that are running (including the Internet and your email program) to gain additional working memory.

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If your Office 365 subscription comes with an option to use your own installed software, you can use older versions of Microsoft Office like 2013 or even 2010.

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It does not natively support Skype for Business communications.

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He is a Product and Marketing executive with 15+ years of experience in the SMB online services industry.

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Then, return to Windows Task Manager and select the Services tab.

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    Com and select Microsoft OneNote The digital note-taking app for your devices.

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    If you are performing the server OS upgrade on physical hardware, check if you have backup power supply.

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    SSH access to the Linux AP e.

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    Users who need access to the latest version of Microsoft Office and Cloud Storage.

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    All relevant machine and safety settings, including crosshead position, fixture separation, and sensor configuration are stored and assigned to freely definable test environments.

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    Services will not be supported and while users can use them, any issues will have to be dealt with by Microsoft.

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Important: If you install the 64-bit version, but want the 32-bit version instead, you must first uninstall the 64-bit version before installing the 32-bit version.